A Fish-Fry Thank You From the Mayor

To the residents of New Boston, volunteers, City officials, City employees and those of you who participated in the 94th Annual Fish and Chicken Fry:

Words cannot express our gratitude to all of you for the role you played in making the event so successful.  It is not possible for me to name you all as there were so many people who stepped up to help this year.  All I can say is a heartfelt thank-you to everyone.

A special salute goes to the Fish Fry Committee Members who met faithfully during June, July and August to make sure everything was planned to perfection and we kept on task.  The Methodist Church Ladies did their superb job making the 350 pounds of potato salad needed for the meal (secret recipe).  The New Boston Fire Department cooked the fish and chicken in their own excellent method, it was delicious.  We cannot forget the Queen/Princess candidates who sold over 800 meal tickets. WOW!

All donations for the fireworks, potato salad and tomatoes were greatly appreciated and helped our Fish Fry Fund grow.  We are so fortunate to live in a community that still believes in volunteering and contributing to these events and causes.

To the bands and musical groups, the people who oversaw the horseshoe and bags tournaments, children’s games, bouncy houses, raffles and cake walk:  Great Job!

The Fish Fry Fund will be used for special events in the community as the Angel Tree and food baskets at Christmas, the wiener roast at Halloween, the Easter Egg Hunt and of course to help with the expenses for the 95th Annual Fish and Chicken Fry in 2016.

Thank you all for a good job, well done!  One of the last things (but not least) I want to mention is the awesome hand carved statue of Blackhawk that was unveiled that evening at the riverfront.  I believe it is one of the most unique pieces of art in the area and adds so much to the city.  As part of the heritage for our hometown, Blackhawk will be joined by a life sized carving of a young Abraham Lincoln in October.

We invite you all to come down to the Port of New Boston and view the improvements to the riverfront and the statues.  This is our hometown and we are proud of it!


Christopher T. DeFrieze, Mayor

City of New Boston


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